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A Breed Apart

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A Breed Apart is:
Mike B - Vocals, Glenn Kuczer - Drums, Anthony Demarco - Bass, Mat Ford - Guitar.

Hailing from New England, A Breed Apart was born in early 2003. When drummer Glenn Kuczer and guitarist Mat Ford parted ways with Andrew Santagata in 2009, and bassist Spydah in 2011. They were amazed to find that they could replace such talent with new vocalist Michael Benoit (Dogfight) and bassist Anthony Demarco. The result is a unique combination of four artists, each with their own style, who together have created a sound that blends abrasive anger with melodic feel. On their newest CD, Sink to the Bottom(2012) delivers a growling audio attack that will attack your senses. From the opening strains of 'Kiss', to the melodic and impassioned vocals featured on 'Obsessed' which showcases a band that is about strong songwriting and musical integrity. A Breed Apart played on the main stage at Locobazooka! 2004, 2005 and 2006 along with Disturbed, Alice In Chains, Buckcherry, Shinedown, Damageplan (RIP Dime), Saliva, Monster Magnet, Crossfade, Shadows Fall and many more in front thousands of screaming fans! In 2008, A Breed Apart was invited to play at the 'Rock The Ink' festival with headliners Godsmack again delivering an amazing and mind blowing performance. If you're looking for something new, then A Breed Apart is for you, welcome to Angst and Aggression 101, a pure adrenaline rush with fierce breaks, fatty bass hooks, searing guitars, pummeling drum beats and aggressive yet dynamic vocals. Now, you may be asking yourself, Could one band really contain all of these elements? Dare to listen and experience something that truly is...A Breed Apart.